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Christopher Burgess

Managing Director

Dr. Christopher Burgess, Managing Director of CEAC Solutions Company Limited. In 1999 Dr Burgess saw the need for innovation and Diversity in the Engineering Industry coupled with his drive and determination to implement change, CEAC Solutions Company limited was formed.

Dr. Christopher Burgess has a PhD in Climate Studies, M.Sc. Environmental Engineering and a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering. Over the years, he has worked on projects in multiple sectors namely Civil, Environmental and Coastal Engineering. He is a specialist in climate change and extreme rainfall, flooding risks, waste water treatment, oceanography and the numerical modelling of waves, hydrodynamics and contaminant transport systems.

Dr. Burgess is a registered Professional Engineer with membership in the Jamaican Institution of Engineers, Professional Engineers Registration Board and Jamaica Council for Persons with Disabilities. He is also a past board Chairman at the Donald Quarrie High School and past board member of the Chair Technical Committee at Spectrum Management Authority.

In his over 25 years of experience Dr. Burgess has worked extensively with regional governments, lending Agencies, developers and other consultants. He has several peer-reviewed papers and done numerous conference presentations on climate-related natural disasters, climate change, resilience and risk. Dr Burgess has done extensive work in engineering and is a staple in the engineering community