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The August Town Community is situated in the Parish of St. Andrew, with an estimated population of 10,920 persons and 1,902 homes. JSIF seeks to rehabilitate approximately 1.4 km of roadway that has deteriorated over time due to poor drainage, lack of upkeep and general neglect and to also improve the water supply network and fire-fighting systems.

The main objective of this project is to design infrastructure services to meet applicable tendering standards, applicable technical standards and relevant national and/or local authority regulations and improve access in in the community to basic services including reliable potable water, sanitation, road and drainage, and related community-based services

CEAC Solutions was commissioned to conduct the following activities:

  1. Design the road for required length to achieve value for money.
  2. Construction supervision and contract administration
  3. Design adequate drainage infrastructure design
  4. Design rip rap drainage to mitigate against skewering and a swale to channel runoff to gully.
  5. Propose environmental mitigation measures
  6. Maintain proper time, quality and cost control


Civil Engineering


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