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There is an absence of adequate treatment facilities for Medical Waste (MW), Ship Generated Waste (SGW) and Hazardous Waste (HW) across Jamaica. MW requires incineration or autoclaving and the current facility in Kingston is inadequately sized and incapable of handling certain types of MW. SGW requires incineration, rather than burial, to prevent the transmission of veterinarian diseases to local life stock. Home porting cruise ships to Jamaica require these services and Jamaica is still not compliant with these requirements.

CEAC Outsourcing Co. Ltd. (COCL) was granted an initial Environmental Permit to construct and operate a waste incinerator facility at New Yarmouth Estate, Clarendon for a pilot project in 2018. Upon the completion of the pilot project COCL permanently operates the incinerator in Hill Run, St Catherine under a new permit. COCL is permitted to incinerate hazardous waste, medical waste and ship-generated waste.

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