Market » Environmental Protection and Rehabilitation

Environmental Protection and Rehabilitation

Our expertise includes

  • Site Contamination Management and Land Farming
  • Hydrogeology
  • Water Resources
  • Climate Change
  • Mangrove Relocation
  • Dune Vegetation
  • Water Quality, Coral and Seagrass Relocation Studies
  • Carrying Capacity Assessments
  • Oceanographic Studies
  • Geophysical Studies

A healthy environment requires commitment from the global to community levels, the expertise of an environmental industry and vigilant regulators. CEAC is ahead of the market in terms of our experience and the application of technology in solving environmental problems.

CEAC has a history of managing site contaminants, including arsenic and hydrocarbon spills, by assessing risk, remediation options, and cost. Our Clients include major environmental industry leaders, transportation, and the mining industry leaders.

CEAC uses a holistic approach in water resource management, ecology, land use, hydrology, and hydrogeology.